Get your teams compliant-ready 30% faster than a three-day workshop

F2F training workshops to keep up with compliance requirements
increase in FAIS RE5 regulatory examinations
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front-line staff accredited to sell financial products
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What is the cost of not doing business the right way?

Need for speed?

Let us show you how Rekindle can get 30% to 40% more people accredited than your current 3-day compliance workshop. 

Ready-to-go compliance

Our off-the-shelf, battle-tested courses cover various compliance topics, starting from only R295.

Contextualize learning

Compliance gaps occur in the application of rules in different contexts. Encourage discussion on how it applies in your world.

Engagement = Retention

Quiz-based interactive learning and AI-powered analytics ensure critical knowledge is retained. 

Continuous feedback loop

Enables trainers to identify problem areas in real-time and deliver the content needed to succeed.

Tracking and reporting

Real-time data and analytics on learner progress and the capability to generate actionable reports.

Want to know how to get teams compliant-ready 30% faster?

Ready-made compliance courses designed for ready-made success


Accelerate compliance readiness, one training burst at a time

Speak with us about tailor-made learning strategies.
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