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“A resilient, adaptable organisation must be a learning organisation. For your company to move fast, it has to be learning fast.”
– Rapelang Rabana

“The ability to adapt as the most important skill for companies undergoing a digital transformation.”
– Harvard Business Review

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54% of employees will need significant upskilling every 3 years.

– World Economic Forum

The ability to adapt is considered the most important skill for companies undergoing a digital transformation.

– Harvard Business Review

When the speed of change around an organization is faster than the speed of change within the organization, the organization becomes irrelevant.

– Rick Warren

Digital Wise: How will we prepare ourselves for the future?

Whole-brain function is required to support not only analysis functions — where we zoom in to see the detail — but also synthesis functions where we zoom out to see larger patterns — when we look at the bigger picture, the why, or purpose of things.


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Whether you are embedding a new business strategy, launching new products, enhancing customer experience, adopting new ways of work or focused on reducing the cost to serve, every initiative requires that your people be on the same page and to come along for the journey.

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