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Remote Examinations

Cloud Based system

End-to-end online exam solution that is hosted on the cloud so you don’t have to worry about legacy software systems.


Regardless of whether there are 1,000 students or 100,000, the software will manage it efficiently.

Anti-Cheating Technology

Proctors can block navigation and disable keyboard shortcuts to conduct a cheating-free online exam.

Exam Configuring Tools

Eliminate the necessity of physical examination centers and decrease logistical expenses.

Our platform

  • Advanced AI-based technology for real-time monitoring and detection of cheating
  • Secure browser to prevent candidates from accessing unauthorized resources during the exam
  • Customizable proctoring settings to meet your specific exam needs
  • High-quality video and audio feeds to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring.
  • Seamless integration with your existing learning management system (LMS)

Proctor, evaluate and conduct exams, all on one integrated platform

Pre- exams

  • Create And Schedule Exams
  • Setup Anti-Cheating Tools
  • Setup Evaluation Rules

During exams

  • Conduct Exams Digitally
  • Proctor Using AI Technology
  • Generate Student’s Credibility Reports


  • Assign Answer-Sheets To Evaluators
  • Monitor And Manage Evaluation Process
  • Declare Results Online

Test students online for a variety 
of exams

  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Short and Long Answer Type Question
  • Fill In The Blank Questions
  • Audio/ Video Recording Questions
  • Upload Files As Responses

Exam registration system

  • Create And Publish The Registration Portal Integrated With Web Site Quickly
  • Configure Data Elements To Be Captured For Candidate Details
  • Configure And Group Elements To Tabs
  • Enhanced Security And Privacy Features For Protecting Confidential Candidate Data
  • Auto Allocation Of Seats At Exam Center

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