Under the hood admin features.
You have as much control as you want.

Stop tracking attendance. Start tracking knowledge retention.

  • With mastery-based learning, completion means learnt, giving you the strongest early indicators that teams are ready to handle the next thing coming
  • Those who know their stuff, finish faster. Those who need support can keep on learning
  • Learning performance diagnostics are most effective when you can use them as a leading indicator to business performance
Tracking Knowledge Retention
Empowering Managers

Empower managers with the insights that matter

  • View of individual users showing their engagement levels and progress towards performance
  • Managers can monitor their own teams’ participation and progress, empowering them to drive learning
  • Drop reports directly into the email inbox of to managers, learning partners, L&D managers and other executives as required
  • Use analytics to gauge enthusiasm, engagement, and commitment and to identify super users who can coach others

Manage your own users

  • Scale down or up as your business requires change
  • Flexible to reuse licenses - you have full rights to add, enable and disable users 
  • Organise users into groups – geographic, functional, cost centres or cohorts
  • Activate learning journeys with start or end dates for selected groups of users
Accelerate Operational Efficiency

Bring learning to your workforce 30x faster

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