Rekindle takes frontline training programs through the sales roof

Sales Enablement
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Faster to prepare teams to launch new products
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revenue increase for call centre agents from deeper product knowledge and greater confidence
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rating on learning experience by staff

Too little knowledge paralyses. Too much sterilises. Micro-learned knowledge galvanises

Drive-thru Onboarding

Keep up with staff changes by helping new employees gain and retain institutional knowledge

Perfect lift-off for product launches

Activate product launches with brain-refreshing micro-episodes, on the fly, in minutes, not weeks

How-to’s that stick

Mastery-based learning for newbies to become experts without a manager looking over their shoulder

P2P Coaching

Enable teams to debate and share feedback on the emerging challenges they are seeing on the ground

Game Learning

Encourage healthy competition between regional teams through badges, rewards, and gamified learning.

Measure what matters

Keep tabs on daily logs and check-ins to ensure sales reps have their heads in the game.

New revenue awaits at the corner of ‘know-how’ avenue and ‘implement’ street

New Revenue

Build at the speed you need

Capture expert knowledge and deploy micro-learning experiences in no time using generative AI and a super simple interface.

Respond faster to the market

Learn what matters to your customers — goals, challenges, and preferences — and deliver training nuggets that solve ‘today’s’ problems.

Track ROI on learning by launch/campaign and by Rep

Track profitability of your learning interventions, and make sure reps are getting the coaching they need through analytics and two-way communication.

Sales & Service microlearning templates

Access hundreds of pre-built sales and service microlearning modules. They’re like cheat sheets, each one has been field-tested to boost results fast.

Inspire teams to hit massive targets, one training burst at a time

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Sales Enablement Feedback

Ready-made micro-programs make upskilling child’s play

Microlearning resources

Bite-sized learning.
Big-time remembering.

Only pay for the training you use with Rekindle’s flexible pricing plan. And scale as you need, affordably.
Upskill Sales

Upskill sales and service
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