About Rekindle

About Rekindle

We know that an agile, resilient and high-performing organisation must also be a learning organisation. Do you?


Our app is built on an award-winning AI data analytics platform.

Ten Micro-Facts About Rekindle

Rekindle is

A scalable platform, proudly born in South Africa, to help companies manage change by transforming their people.

Our purpose

Get the gold that's locked inside the heads of top performers onto the devices of everyone in your company.

Our mission

To help organisations build the workforces they need to stay ahead of the changing world of work.

Our superpower​

Get the gold that's locked inside the heads of top performers into minds of everyone in your company.

Our hashtag

Grow with the workflow.

Learning isn't

A product of teaching; learning is a product of the activity of learners, which Rekindle ignites.

Training isn’t

Filling a vessel but about rekindling a flame.

A happy life

Is one spent learning, earning, and yearning.

Know thyself…

To us, it’s how humans and companies bloom.

Rekindle’s birthday

On {day and month} 2017.



Your Executive Team

Sally Nhlanhla

Sally Nhlanhla

Chief Executive Officer B.Com (Accounting), MGI; PGDip
10+ years experience in business development, partnerships development and strategic sales. Excels at Africa Growth Strategies and Executive Leadership.
Prior Roles: CEO – Covenant Securities Solutions, MD Excel Inc, Digital Sales Manager – Pearson

Rapelang Rabana

Rapelang Rabana Founder & Chairperson B.Business Science (Computer Science); M.Sc, UCT
16+ years experience building technology companies. Founding CEO of Yeigo, one of the earliest mobile VoIP platforms. Technical Advisor to SA venture capital funds as part of their technical due diligence of early stage startup investments.
Prior Board Roles: African Leadership University, Standard Chartered Bank Education Trust, Standard Charted Bank Botswana World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
Hilton Jacobson

Hilton Jacobson

Chief Technology Officer B.Sc Computer Science (Business Computing), UCT
16+ years extensive experience in platform development across software analysis, design, development and devops. Hands-on developer and manager of mentor to software teams.
Previous roles: CTO – Betweiser, Senior Developer – Yeigo and Telfree
Accelerate Operational Efficiency

Inspire teams to hit massive targets, one training burst at a time. 

Are you ready to transform your organisation?
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