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New products, services, strategies? Changing policies, regulations, or customer experiences? Rekindle makes results-driven learning as easy as 1, 2, 3 with award-winning content creation tools. Intuitive dashboards empower trainers to create interactive content to level up their teams

1. Source and Enhance

Compile all the info you have – documents, presentations, videos, recordings etc. Identify other relevant materials like articles, podcasts. Get clear on the business performance goals and what you want your teams to do differently.

2. Repackage for Microlearning

Ingest source materials into secure, enteprise-level generative AI language models to restructure content for digital learning. Complete and contextualize – because machines won’t get it 100% right. Ensure alignment to business goals.

3. Review and Launch

Quality assure content. Obtain subject matter expert or business unit approval. Launch to selected teams. Track engagement, questions and feedback. Follow up with discussion points, polls and troubleshooting of on the ground-issues.

Make expert knowledge available to everyone

  • With mastery-based learning, completion means learnt, giving you the strongest early indicators that teams are ready to handle the next thing coming
  • Utilize a range knowledge artefacts, from meeting notes, presentations, webinars, reports and documents, audio or video recordings, and direct interviews to transform tacit know-how into explicit knowledge that can be shared
  • With Rekindle you can empower teams on the ground to craft micro-courses directly relevant to their audience
Expert Knowledge
Simple content creation

Radically simple content creation

  • Use our super simple pre-built templates and drag-and-drop features so that any subject matter expert can contribute or curate content in days not months - think social media posts vs courses.
  • Seamlessly integrate questions into microlearning content, while evaluating employee understanding and reinforcing concepts with ease.
  • Leverage our lightweight content authoring tools that are directly integrated with the end user learning experience to rapidly deploy new content for fast-paced environments

Learning is a two-way street

  • Support two-way learning with real-time engagement, collaborative comments, to quickly identify knowledge gaps or areas of confusion.
  • Deepen engagement with open-ended questions and dynamic discussions for truly contextual learning experiences.

Know and meet teams’ knowledge demands

  • Diagnostic heatmap provides powerful visualization of knowledge gaps or areas of confusion that can proactively be tackled
  • Get feedback from teams on the ground to support them with the emerging real-life challenges, and objections to inform future learning interventions.

Bring learning to your workforce 30x faster

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