Direct Axis Increased Sales Conversation rate

Increased Sales Conversation Rate
Rekindle Learning Case Studies


The primary goal of this initiative was to empower a large call center, comprising over 1000 agents, to enhance their product knowledge and, consequently, increase the sales conversion ratio.


  • Product Knowledge Gap: Agents struggled to stay informed about a vast range of products, hindering their ability to provide comprehensive information to customers.
  • Slow Sales Conversion: Rapid updates and new product releases led to information overload, making it challenging for agents to confidently close sales or upsell unfamiliar products.
  • Performance Pressure: High expectations for revenue generation added pressure on agents to consistently perform at a high level despite the evolving product landscape.

The Outcome

Drove up revenues by increasing sales conversion rate

Increased productive sales minutes through access to real-time information for agents

Improved team moral by enabling empowered sales conversations

Delivered a comprehensively implemented training program

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