Rekindle Learning is an education technology company founded on the belief that every person should be able to develop their knowledge and learn. Computer and mobile internet devices are transformative in their capacity to overcome inefficiencies, socio-economic barriers and weak infrastructure. Now these benefits can be translated to education, training and development with Rekindle Learning.

Rekindle Learning is an empowered company with a BEE Level 1 Contributor status.

Founder & CEO: Rapelang Rabana

Recently honoured by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader for 2017 and featured on the cover of Forbes Africa by the age of 30, Rapelang Rabana is an entrepreneur and thought leader in the burgeoning technology industry. A founding member of Yeigo Communications, one the first mobile VoIP applications, her latest project Rekindle Learning has been profiled as a ‘striking innovation’ in mobile learning for both academia and corporate training environments. Selected as a Fast Company Maverick and named Entrepreneur for the World 2014 by the World Entrepreneurship Forum, Rapelang has extensive experience in tech and business - from fintech as a board member for Moro Group, green tech as a board member for Meniko Records Management Services, financial advisory and private equity as a director of Nisela Capital to trend analysis as part of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council for Software and Society. Rapelang also serves on the Advisory Board of Project Literacy - a campaign founded and convened by Pearson to address global illiteracy levels. As an internationally lauded speaker, Rapelang has shared the stage with the likes of the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, and Professor Mohammed Yunus of Grameen Bank.
In the course of 2013, Rapelang tapped into her long-term interest in learning and education and founded Rekindle Learning. Rapelang holds the belief that mobile and internet technology will be instrumental in solving a number of socio-economic challenges at scale. Having spent several years in telecommunications, she is has now turned her focus to learning and education.
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Director - East Africa: Celestine Ukpere

With a career spanning across various industries in telecommunications, retail, technology and mobile entertainment, Celestine brings over twelve years of practical experience in corporate and business development from across the contient. She has worked in extensively all over Africa, primarily focusing on Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. She has developed a thorough understanding of the application of mobile technology solutions in the African context and her wide experience bolsters the company's Pan-African ambitions.

Celestine is also currently pursuing her Doctorate in Marketing at the Cape Peninsual University of Technology which focuses on the role of technology in empowering women and fostering their economic empowerment.

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Strategic Partner: Prof Peter A. Bruck

Founder and CEO of KnowledgeFox Inc.
CEO and Chief Researcher, Research Studios Austria FG

"We believe that knowledge acquisition and learning must be easy. Otherwise it will not be sustained." Bruck is a communication and multimedia professor and researcher with doctroral degrees from McGill University and University of Vienna with a passion for interactive media and a focus on using ICT's to get a value-add for users. Peter manages also innovations from universities into markets and works as CEO and Chief Researcher of Research Studios Austria FG.

Strategic Partner: Gregor Cholewa

CTO of KnowledgeFox Inc.

Gregor is a digital media designer and producer who also heads the development teams of KnowledgePulse in the Research Studio MicroLearning and Information Environment where the product was developed. He also leads the young app dev team of the Mobile Knowledge Lab, spending his time between Vienna, Salzburg and San Francisco. Gregor has developed a great likening for the innovation ecology of the Silicon Valley and sees KnowledgePulse as fitting perfectly to requirements which show a return on education investment.
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