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McKinsey Lions go Digital Report recognizes Rekindle Learning

"Mobile learning aids will also help students learn in bitesized chunks while on the move, enabling them to use pockets of dead time. In addition, online teaching solutions create the possibility of scaling up the number of students that can have access to the best teachers, extending their reach beyond their immediate classroom via the Internet. Some striking innovations are already under way. Rekindle Learning, a South African startup, is based on the premise that mobile devices are particularly well-suited to reinforcing content presented in the classroom through additional drill questions that students can follow at their own pace."

- McKinsey Global Institute Lions go Digital: The internet's transformative potential in Africa. 

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Rapelang Rabana delivers inspriing TEDxCapeTown talk on mobile leanring

"If we truly wish to address our educational development challenges on this continent, including the need to skill at significant scale, we must ask how to begin articulating a mobile learning experience that better equips us to reach our own potential - a learning experience that effectively imparts core skills and knowledge, that improves organizational performance, that gets more kids through school."

- Rapelang Rabana

Gracing the Cover of Forbes Africa before the age of 30

'Rabana said: "Most of us will be familiar with the Chinese proverb about teaching a man to fish as opposed to giving him a fish. My proposition is: teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime. Expose a man to the internet and he will change his life." It led to a Bachelor of Business Science in computer science and finance.

Rabana was faced with the question that plagues most graduates: “What now?” She was tired of starting at the bottom of the food chain. Entrepreneurship was a way for her to make her own way.'

- Forbes Africa August 2013

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Profiled on CNN African Voices

During the World Economic Forum Meeting on Africa in Cape Town May 2013, CNN sat down with internet technology entrepreneur Rapelang Rabana. 

Rapelang talks about Yeigo, Rekindle Learning and shares her views on the role of technology in Africa's development.

World Economic Forum on Africa Panels: Skilling at Scale & Closing Plenary

At the World Economic Forum on Africa in Cape Town May 2013, Rapelang Rabana was invited to present Rekindle Learning on the panel - New Solutions: Skilling at Scale.

Rapelang shared the panel with esteemed industry leaders such Leslie Maasdorp, President, Southern Africa, Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Enase Okonedo, Dean, Lagos Business School, Nigeria among others.

To provide summary thoughts on the event, Rapelang was also invited to join the Closing Plenary.

Bloomberg TV interviews Rapelang Rabana

On May 9 2013, Bloomberg's Ryan Chilcote caught up with tech entrepreneur Rapelang Rabana to discuss the growth of e-commerce and social netowrking in Africa. 

The interview happened in the backdrop of the World Economic Forum on Africa Meeting 2013.

World Econmic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos - Closing Plenary

At the  World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Rapelang Rabana was honoured to share a panel with the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Prof Klaus Schwab and Founder of the Grameen Bank, Prof Mohammed Yunus.

Some of the thoughts she shared:
"The solutions we need to come up with to solve access to key services, must be scalable to billions of people.... It is crucial to economic development. In the 1400's we saw how the printing press increased the dissemination of information and consequently contributed to one of most exponential increases in global trade. The internet can take that to another unprecedented level.

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