You cannot manage what you cannot measure - Lord Kelvin

Learning and education is a core part of any organization. After dedicated classroom or workshop sessions, how do we know learning has happened? How do we support ongoing learning to consolidate and reinforce knowledge?

Rekindle Learning provides a results-driven learning experience that personalizes the learning process according to the performance of each learner until they have achieved the desired level of knowledge retention. It's about learning with measurable outcome and not just tracking attendance. Technology is not the silver bullet to solve all challenges - but we can prudently apply technology to specific learning processes that can be better executed on digital platforms, such as the process of knowledge retention.

Our solution is ideally suited for the learning and training of functional knowledge and skills:
  • Regulation & Compliance: ensure training of organizational processes and industry standards is retained to meet compliance levels and mitigate risk
  • Sales & Product Knowledge: support product knowledge and sales training to improve sales capacity and performance
  • Professional Certification: assist staff with preparations for industry examinations and professional qualifications through ongoing learning and assessement
  • Employee Orientation & Onboarding: bring new staff to the required levels of organizational understanding and enable them to add value immediately
  • Process & Systems Training: ensure sound functioning of your organization by transfering the knowledge that makes your organization operative optimally

Using results-driven learning within your organization:

  • In conjunction with workshops or classroom sessions to reinforce learning and measure retention
  • For refresher courses to quickly update and refresh older content
  • To update knowledge when major changes occur reducing need for additional face to face sessions
  • For employee orientation training
  • As a screening tool for new or potential employees to assess suitability and commitment
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