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Virtual Advisor

Decision making performance support

How do you build capacity and reduce time to competency?

How do you distribute expertise across an organization?

How do you make sure the best decisions are the made the first time and every time?

Virtual Advisors: intelligent online coaches that are smart enough to provide expert level advice in real time to make the best decision to complete a task – ‘how to’ knowledge

Not only does the Virtual Advisor ensure that everyone gets things right the first time and every time – with the Virtual Advisor every selection made and decision taken is tracked to ensure full compliance and to enhance business intelligence and reporting. This means that you can now capture and scale organisational expertise (complex decision-making logic), and ensure that everyone consistently applies this logic, with records to prove it.

performance support

Why and how does the Virtual Advisor improve employee performance?

Budget training

Reduce costly errors

An error in making a decision will prove costly (you need the person to get it right, everytime)
Right every time

Reduce time to competency

The variables and rules in making the best decision are complex, so it takes a person too long to become competent enough to get it right every time.
Scale knowledge

Scale organisational expertise

The variables and rules in making the best decision are so complex, the decision is usually left to a small group of experts in the organization, creating bottlenecks and backlogs
decision making

Track decision processes

You need a record, not only of the decision outcome, but also the process that was taken to get to reach that decision outcome for reporting or compliance purposes
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