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Rapid competency-based learning

How do you know that knowledge transfer has taken place during employee training?

How do you ensure that learners retain what they have been taught in the classroom?

How do you sustain learning opportunities beyond workshops?

KnowledgeFox: sophisticated learning tool designed to entrench the ‘what and why’ knowledge (concepts, principles, rules) quicker and more deeply for greater retention and application

KnowledgeFox is Rekindle Learning’s adaptive learning tool that ensures personalised reinforcement of learning in a wide range of academic and organisational learning areas. In addition to a number of academic subjects it can be effectively applied to entrench corporate training on: product and sales knowledge; operating standards and processes; regulatory requirements; corporate culture – and to conduct staff on-boarding programmes.

KnowledgeFox supports a faster long-term assimilation of fact-, process-, and rule-based knowledge. It leverages the best we know about cognitive learning functions for overcoming the forgetting curve that would otherwise result in knowledge leakage.

learning application
Learning feedback

Mastery of learning content

“Providing feedback to students, explaining why their answers were right or wrong, and then allowing students to continue to work on a problem until they have it right and master the concept produces statistically significant gains in student learning.”

successful learning

Feeling of power over the learning process

“By the very nature of online learning software, achievement can be integrated seamlessly with the delivery of learning experiences in ways that help students feel successful while they learn, every day.” - Michael Horn (Forbes, 2015)
 increase their understanding of a concept

Effective behaviour change from sustained learning

Knowledge is entrenched when learners are made to recall information frequently and are given context to increase their understanding of a concept and why their answer is wrong.
bite-sized chunks

Simple to use. Access learning anywhere.

Deliver learning content in easy-to-assimilate bite-sized chunks on mobile, tablet or web. Package learning activities of 5 - 20 minutes, ensuring it is not onerous on time, yet effective. Prompt learning through in-app reminders, SMS and email notifications.
support behaviour change

Track the success of training

You can’t apply knowledge you can’t recall. Sustain learning by creating short, sharp learning opportunities on weekly or monthly basis instead of all day workshops. In this way you can entrench knowledge, raise levels of awareness and support behaviour change.

Read more about why this learning methodology works:

Building Motivation, Instilling Grit: The Necessity of Mastery-Based, Digital Learning, Michael Horn, 2013

The Cost Effectiveness of 22 Approaches for Raising Student Achievement, Stuart S. Yeh (book)

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